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Bronx County Dental Society is presenting an exciting program:
Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea in a Dental Office – An effective protocol
Including Medical Billing for Dentists
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Presentation by: John Nadeau, V.P. of Sleep Group Solutions

Of the next three patients that walk thru your doors, one will be a victim of Sleep Apnea...will YOU be able to identify and treat that patient?

Today's "Hot Button", Dental Sleep Medicine, will make YOU stand out, be sought out and become your uniqueness to serve the needs of your existing patients and... to attract many new patients.

Bronx County Dental Society

You will be able to offer not only your EXCELLENCE but also DIFFERENCE. In this sluggish economy, where there is a perception of “financial doom”, dental service acceptance shows a concerning drop. Your First Class Service and Patient Engagement are expected . But what is your clinical niche?

Are YOU the dental practice they must go to? Are you the only practice around that is the “Snooze Dentist”, the “Snore Dentist”? Are you the “Sleep Dysfunction Dentist”?

Evolution of Dental Demand

Remember how it was about 20 years ago when teeth whitening (aka “bleaching”) was the “new kid on the block”- THE “HOT BUTTON”? After that we had the “porcelain age of dentistry”, when the media made patients very image-conscious for “smile enhancements” at any cost. Teeth whitening is now offered in nearly every practice, and in most as a discounted loss leader.
Implants were the next rage. Today most dental practices are offering implants.
Dental Sleep Medicine is where Teeth Whitening was 20 years ago

It is the “hot button” where Implant Dentistry was 10 years ago.
Strike while the iron is hot. Brand yourself as the “Sleep Dysfunction Dentist”

Maestro’s Caterers
1703 Bronxdale Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462

6:30 pm - 7:15 pm -

Buffet and Presentation follows

FREE – Bronx County Members
$50.00 - Non BCDS Members
$60.00 – Non ADA Members
FREE Parking
Across the Street From Maestro's

RSVP by : April 14, 2015


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