Current Leadership

President-  Dr. Keith Margulis
President-Elect- Dr. Jerica Cook
Past President- Dr. Don Safferstein
Treasurer- Dr. Don Safferstein
Secretary- Dr. Kirti Tewari

Executive Director- Dr. Stephen Harrison
Executive Secretary- Joy Patane

NYSDA Trustee-  Dr. Amarilis Jacobo

ADA Delegate- Dr. Jacqueline Samuels
ADA Alternate Delegate- Dr. Don Safferstein

NYSDA Delegates- Dr. Jacqueline Samuels
                                Dr. Kirti Tewari
                                Dr. Peter Gross
                                Dr. Don Safferstein
NYSDA Alternate Delegates-
                                Dr. Jerica Cook
                                Dr. Richard Herman

Newsletter Editor- Dr. Don Safferstein
Component Editor- Dr. Laurence Schimmel

Council and Committee Representatives

Dental Benefit Programs Council- Dr. Anthony Danilow
Dental Education and Licensure Council- Dr. Berry Stahl
Dental Health Planning and Hospital Dentistry Council- Dr. Dianne Heller
Dental Practice Council- Dr. Richard Herman
Ethics Council- Dr. Kirti Tewari
Governmental Affairs Council- Dr. Keith Margulis
Membership and Communications Council- Dr. Josephine Sullivan
New Dentist Committee- Dr. Jerica Cook
Nominations Council- Dr. Robert Margolin
Peer Review and Quality Assurance Council- Dr. Josephine Sullivan
Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being- Dr. Don Safferstein
EDPAC Board of Directors- Dr. Joel Friedman
Dental Medicaid Committee- Dr. Amarilis Jacobo