Empire Dental Political Action Committee

The Empire Dental Political Action Committee (EDPAC) is the bipartisan voice of thousands of New York State dentists. Together, it helps elect candidates to state office who understand the importance of dentistry and dentistry’s unrelenting commitment to improving oral health care in New York State.

Over 90 percent of New York State Dental Association members make voluntary contributions to EDPAC through their annual NYSDA dues. Many members also donate additional funds, above and beyond the basic contribution, by participating in the Capital Club, Liberty Level or Honor Roll.

Make a Contribution

Dear Doctors:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  You’ve heard that before.  Well, since March of 2020, dentists in New York, initially referred to as the Covid capital of the world, had to be tough.  And we still do, for while the pandemic is continuing to come under control, many of us have a way to go before our practices are fully recovered.  However, it is with great pride that we look back at how courageous dentists were as they valiantly provided critical health care to their patients in need.  And, it is with optimism that we can look to much better days ahead for our profession.
You should also appreciate just how hard the ADA, NYSDA, and our components worked to help you during the early months of the pandemic when dental offices were compelled to restrict services to emergency procedures.  While it seemed like an eternity, the science of the ADA and the political work of NYSDA allowed us to fully reopen our offices on June 1.  This would never have happened that soon if it weren’t for the intensive campaign our profession conducted at the highest level of government.  This was successful because of the strong relationships we established with our legislators through many years.
Life goes on, new issues will arise, old ones may return, so it’s time for EDPAC to get back into high gear.  Last year we did not conduct a statewide Capitol Club campaign out of respect for the many challenges you were facing.  However, advocacy never can take a vacation, so we again need your financial help to get our message heard.  Remember, as a dentist, virtually every aspect of your practice is governed by laws, rules, and regulations that are passed and adopted in Albany by our elected officials.  Let’s make sure they continue to know us, respect us and value the profession of dentistry as much as we do.
Please try to imagine where we might have been if organized dentistry wasn’t properly positioned to have your concerns heard!!  Ongoing advocacy is important and expensive.  Do your part - support dentistry - join the EDPAC Capitol Club today!
We are asking you to support our program at one of the three levels: the Capitol Club level at $99, the Honor Roll level at $250 or the Liberty level at $500. Click on the following link  http://empiredentalpac.com/join/ to join online or download a pledge form to send your contribution today. 
If you have donated to the Capitol Club in the past, we thank you. If you have never joined the club, this is a great time to get on board with your colleagues and support our political program.  Thank you for your past and continuing support especially at this critical time in our profession’s history.