NYSDA Endorsed Partners

Calnon headshotWe understand the unique challenges and aspirations of dental professionals like you, and that's why we've curated a range of exclusive advantages to help you succeed. These benefits are more than just perks; they are the foundation of your success story in the dental field.

Many of our partners offer member-exclusive discounts to help maximize your practice's profitability. We are dedicated to supporting your career, enhancing your professional network, and helping you achieve success in the dental field.

ePrescribe from Henry Schein

<p><img title="Henry-Schein-ePrescribe-logo_CMYK+WhiteBlock+BlackTypewebsite" style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="ePrescribe" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/henry-schein-eprescribe-logo_cmyk-whiteblock-blacktypewebsite7a81e3dcb07d6e0c8f46ff0000eea05b.png?sfvrsn=35fc8d8b_0" displaymode="Thumbnail" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]8181e3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
NYSDA has teamed with Henry Schein to bring our members discounted electronic prescribing that&rsquo;s fully compliant with state and federal requirements.&nbsp; With this solution, our members will:</p>
    <li>Save time and money by automating the process of writing and transmitting prescriptions to pharmacies.</li>
    <li>Comply with federal and state requirements to use a DEA-EPCS Certified solution.</li>
    <li>Access a standalone solution even if they don&rsquo;t have Practice Management Software</li>
    <li>Reduce staff data entry effort with integrated solutions for Dentrix and other Henry Schein software systems.</li>
    <li>Receive member discounts for Henry Schein Practice Management Software if they are interested in a new solution. </li>
<p>To find out more about this service or to enroll call <strong>800-734-5561 x.2 </strong>or <a href="http://www.hseprescribe.com/" target="_blank">visit us online</a>.</p>


CareCreditCareCredit, a healthcare credit card, helps families manage their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for a wide variety of treatments and procedures, including dental, veterinary, optometric, chiropractic and cosmetic procedures. When your practice accepts CareCredit as a payment option, patients can select from a variety of convenient financing options, making it easier for them to accept your complete treatment recommendations.

Contact CareCredit today to receive your free referral kit, featuring an educational paper from Berni Stoltz, CEO, Fortune Management. Call them at 866-304-9064 or click here to visit the website.

iCoreExchange - Encrypted HIPAA Email


More than 90% of malware attacks occur via email. Protect yourself with iCoreExchange: encrypted HIPAA email. No iCoreExchange email has been hacked or attacked. Ever. Also enjoy the convenience of sending any and all large files and being part of the provider referral hub.

Protect your patients and your practice with iCoreExchange secure, compliant email.

  • Don’t be Phish Bait. No iCoreExchange email has been spammed, phished or hacked. Ever
  • Encrypted and fully compliant. iCoreExchange exceeds the federal government's requirements for 100% HIPAA compliance and encryption standards
  • Say goodbye to attachment issues. Attach as many files as you want to any email with no size limits. Send your biggest X-rays, including DICOMs, and other images all day long
  • Skip after-hours trips to the office. Review and send patient records securely from anywhere, anytime. iCoreExchange is cloud-based, so your location doesn’t matter
  • Who are you referring to? iCoreExchange has a built-in referral network so you have instant access to qualified providers. Give referrals. Get referrals. Stay connected

NYSDA members receive a 48% discount off the regular monthly price.

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iCoreVerify - Automated Insurance Verifications

Icore very logo

Insurance verifications don’t have to consume 20 to 30 hours a week. You can reduce the time spent on insurance verifications up to 80% or more.

Now you can redirect staff time to scheduling patient follow-ups and other revenue-generating activities. iCoreVerify provides you:

  • Insurance verifications automatically done for all scheduled patients, up to seven days in advance of their visit
  • Automatic error identification to reduce insurance denials through improved claim accuracy
  • Error-free claim submissions which means higher case acceptance and a lot less time spent adjusting and/or chasing down payments
  • Substantially recovered staff hours lost to insurance phone calls, emails and faxes with direct access to more than 2,100 insurers
  • New opportunities for staff to now help improve care and schedule recalls to help generate revenue
  • Unlimited verifications with no per-transaction fees


NYSDA members receive 40% off iCoreVerify.

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NYSDA Travel Discount Program

<p><img title="websitenew" style="margin: 10px; float: left;" alt="traveldiscounts" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/websitenew.jpg?sfvrsn=8dd38d8b_2" displaymode="Thumbnail" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]c8aee3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" />NYSDA is pleased to offer an exclusive worldwide travel discount service to our members.&nbsp;Savings average 10-20% below-market on all hotels and car rental suppliers around the world.</p>
<p>Save time and money. Let us negotiate the best deals and comparison price for you.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;Any hotel, any car, anywhere, anytime.</p>
<p><a href="http://www.nysdental.org/member-center/endorsed-vendors/travel-discount" sfref="[65d182dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b]4d1aeadc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b">&nbsp;Click here to save on your next trip.</a></p>


<p><img title="TekCollectwebsite" alt="TekCollect" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/tekcollectwebsite.png?sfvrsn=4dd28d8b_0" displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]08afe3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" />Manage patient receivables. Maximize profitability. Enjoy fully automated revenue cycle management and collections that help practices save time, improve cash flow, and continue to thrive. Developed by dentists for dentists, TekCollect&rsquo;s programs help ensure a healthier bottom line for your practice and better billing experiences for your patients. Our &nbsp;app <strong>TekMD</strong> <strong>integrates with your existing practice management software</strong> to automate every step of the revenue cycle. View individual account summaries, sort receivables by criteria customized for your practice, submit accounts to TekCollect for precollect and collection services&mdash;all at the click of a button.</p>
<p>Then use TekMD to monitor all TekCollect activity in <strong>real-time</strong>, including payments, written and verbal contacts and results. Enjoy these services plus exclusive benefits</p>
    <li><strong>Industry-leading recovery rates and guaranteed results</strong></li>
    <li>Low NYSDA Support Services Inc. pricing of typically less than 5% (competitors charge 33%-50%)</li>
    <li>Non-alienating contacts to preserve patient relationships</li>
    <li>FREE electronic database skip tracing &nbsp;</li>
    <li>FREE credit bureau reporting </li>
    <li>Optional secondary contingent recovery division</li>
<p>Call: 888-292-3530&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;or <a href="http://www.tekcollect.com/Frontend/Content/NYSDA" target="_blank">click&nbsp;here</a>.</p>
<p>To receive a free accounts receivable analysis<strong>, </strong>as well as exclusive pricing, mention NYSDA.</p>

Bank of America Practice Loans

<a href="https://www.bankofamerica.com/smallbusiness/practice-loans/health-care-loans/overview.go"><img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/bankofamerica.tmb-thumb200.jpg?sfvrsn=d9a25a8a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" alt="Bank Of America" title="bankofamerica" style="float: left;" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:thumb200]9cdf34dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /></a>When you need financing for your dental practice, you want to work with someone who understands your industry. For over twenty years, Bank of America Practice Solutions has helped dentists across the nation reach their goals through smart financial solutions<sup>1</sup> and expert guidance. Whether you own a practice or are just getting started, we can provide customized financial help for your short-term needs and long-term aspirations.
<h3>Purchase and start-up:</h3>
    <li>Practice sales and purchases</li>
    <li>New Practice start-ups</li>
    <li>Owner-occupied commercial real estate products<sup>2</sup></li>
<h3>Growth and Restructuring:</h3>
    <li>Improvement and expansion financing</li>
    <li>Equipment financing</li>
    <li>Practice debt consolidation<sup>3</sup></li>
<h3>Expert guidance. Personal attention. Real solutions.</h3>
<p>Association members receive 50% reduction in loan administration fees.<sup>4</sup> To learn more, call us toll free at <strong>800.497.6076</strong> Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. You can also visit <strong><a href="https://www.bankofamerica.com/smallbusiness/practice-loans/health-care-loans/overview.go">bankofamerica.com/practicesolutions</a></strong> for more information or to <strong><a href="https://www.bankofamerica.com/contact-us/practice-loans-email.go">schedule a phone consultation</a></strong>.</p>
<p><sup><br />
1</sup> All programs are subject to credit approval and loan amounts are subject to credit worthiness. Some restrictions may apply.</p>
<p><sup>2</sup> For Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate loans (OOCRE), terms up to 25 years and 51% occupancy are required. Real Estate financing options are subject to approval and product availability is subject to change. For SBA loans, SBA eligibility and restrictions apply.</p>
<p><sup>3</sup>Bank of America may prohibit use of account to pay off or pay down another Bank of America account.</p>
<p><sup>4 </sup>To be eligible for this reduction, applicants must provide association name and membership number at time of approval.</p>
<p>Bank of America is a registered trademark of Bank of America Corporation. Bank of America Practice Solutions is a division of Bank of America, N.A. &copy;2019 Bank of America Corporation | AR4DB4V4</p>

Best Card Credit Card Acceptance Program

<p><img title="Best Card Logo" alt="Best Card Logo" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/untitled-design-(1)6bfff3ddb07d6e0c8f46ff0000eea05b.png?sfvrsn=24829d8a_0" data-displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]73fff3dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /></p>
<p>Endorsed by 45 state dental associations, including NYSDA, Best Card offers great rates and unparalleled personalized customer service for credit card processing. Thousands of dentists save an average of $6,496 or 27% annually on payment processing when they sign up with Best Card.<br />
<br />
NYSDS members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement for a no-obligation analysis to see what Best Card could help save. Simply upload your statement to <a href="http://bestcardteam.com/ada">http://bestcardteam.com/ada</a>, email to <a href="mailto:compare@bestcardteam.com">compare@bestcardteam.com</a>, or send via fax 866-717-7247 to request a cost comparison today.<br />
<br />
Best Card offers a wide range of processing solutions designed for dental practices. From standalone terminals to online and mobile solutions, and options for posting payments into your dental software, you&rsquo;ll find that Best Card is just a phone call away with years of experience helping offices just like yours. Call 877-739-3952 to learn more!</p>
<div style="text-align: center;"><hr width="100%" size="2" align="center" noshade="noshade" />
<p>Fax your recent statement to 866-717-7247, email to&nbsp;<em><a href="mailto:compare@bestcardteam.com">compare@bestcardteam.com</a></em>, or call Best Card at 877-739-3952 to learn more. You can also visit them at&nbsp;<a href="http://www.bestcardteam.com/" target="_blank"><em>www.bestcardteam.com</em></a>.</p>
<p>Instagram:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instagram.com/bestcardteam/" title="https://www.instagram.com/bestcardteam/">https://www.instagram.com/bestcardteam/</a></p>
<p> Facebook:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/BestCardTeam" title="https://www.facebook.com/BestCardTeam">https://www.facebook.com/BestCardTeam</a></p>

MLMIC Professional Liability Insurance

<p><img title="MLMIC" style="float: left;" alt="MLMIC" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/mlmic.tmb-small.jpg?sfvrsn=2c607f8a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:small]691d11dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>MLMIC Insurance Company and the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) have worked together since 1992 to provide dentists the best liability protection available at the lowest possible premiums consistent with fiscal responsibility.&nbsp; MLMIC Policyholders from Buffalo to the Bronx enjoy localized risk management guidance, claims protection, underwriting support, in addition to benefits and expertise not found anywhere else.&nbsp;</p>
<p>For over 40 years MLMIC has been a leader in malpractice insurance and is the #1 dental liability insurer in New York State.&nbsp; For dental malpractice in New York, nothing compares to MLMIC. To find out about coverage with the Program run by NYS dentists for NYS dentists, visit&nbsp;<a href="https://www.mlmic.com/dentists">MLMIC.com</a>&nbsp;or speak to a MLMIC representative at 800-683-7769.&nbsp;</p>

US Bank Credit Card: Features Superior Travel Rewards

<p><strong><img title="USBankLogo_PMSwebsite" style="float: left;" alt="USBANK" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/usbanklogo_pmswebsite.jpg?sfvrsn=4acd8d8b_0" displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]0bb0e3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
The ADA</strong><strong><sup>&reg;</sup></strong><strong> Preferred Rewards Visa</strong><strong><sup>&reg; </sup></strong><strong>Card</strong> <strong>is the card New York State Dental Association member dentists count on for great benefits and valuable rewards</strong></p>
    <li>Earn 20,000 Bonus Points after you spend $5,000 on the card in 90 days<sup>1</sup></li>
    <li>Only 25,000 points equals up to a $450 ticket</li>
    <li><a href="https://applications.usbank.com/oad/catalog/terms.controller?locationCode=9605&amp;productId=05"></a><a href="https://applications.usbank.com/oad/catalog/terms.controller?locationCode=9605&amp;productId=05" target="_blank">No Annual Fee!</a></li>
    <li><a href="https://applications.usbank.com/oad/catalog/terms.controller?locationCode=9605&amp;productId=05"></a><a href="https://applications.usbank.com/oad/catalog/terms.controller?locationCode=9605&amp;productId=05" target="_blank">No Foreign Transaction Fees!</a></li>
    <li>Points add up fast &ndash; earn 2 points per net $1 spent on all eligible {State Dental Association} purchases and one point per $1 spent on eligible net purchases everywhere else Visa cards are accepted</li>
    <li>Earn an additional 20,000 Bonus Points after $125,000 annual net spend<sup>2</sup></li>
    <li>No travel blackout dates on more than 150 airlines</li>
    <li>Visa Signature Travel Benefits including Travel Accident Insurance &amp; Auto Rental Insurance<sup>3</sup></li>
<p><strong>To apply, call 888-327-2265 ext.</strong><strong>36991</strong><strong> or visit <a href="https://www.adavisa.com/credit/welcome.do">adavisa.com/36991</a></strong></p>
<p><strong>*</strong>See website for program details</p>

Solmetex Amalgam Recycling

<p><img title="solmetex1website" style="float: left;" alt="solmetex" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/solmetex1website.jpg?sfvrsn=85cd8d8b_0" displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]d0b0e3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
<p>NYSDA has teamed with Solmetex to provide a comprehensive waste compliance program that includes disposal of all regulated amalgam dental waste. The EPA &ldquo;Dental Rule&rdquo; regulation goes into effect nation-wide on July 14, 2020 and requires most dental practices in the U.S. to have 1) an ISO 11143 certified amalgam separator 2) properly marked amalgam bucket for disposal of all &lsquo;dry&rsquo; amalgam waste 3) a vacuum line cleaner with a neutral pH between 6-8 and 4) Certificates of Recycling.</p>
<p>Solmetex is a national leader in dental amalgam separation with 25 years in the water treatment industry and the manufacturer of the award winning NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator. The NXT Hg5 is ISO 11143 certified and meets or exceeds all aspects of the regulation. </p>
<p>Solmetex is committed to making compliance with the &ldquo;Dental Rule&rdquo; as simple as possible. In addition to the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator, Solmetex offers Practice Waste Solutions Amalgam Buckets (available in 4 sizes) for the proper recycling of anything that touches amalgam (ex. chair-side traps, teeth with amalgam, vacuum filters, amalgam capsules etc.); offers their own PowerScrub Vacuum Line Cleaner with a neutral pH and also maximizes collection container capacity; and lastly provides Certificates of Compliance housed on solmetex.com, accessible 24/7. All products are offered through your local dental dealer and provide the opportunity for your practice to meet all of its waste disposal needs from one source.</p>
<p><strong>Moreover, as a member benefit, NYSDA members who purchase an NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator, can receive a free replacement NXT Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit valued at $338.</strong></p>
<p><a href="https://www.solmetex.com/hg5-series-products/" target="_blank">Click ​here</a>&nbsp;to learn more about these products or call a Solmetex regulation expert at 877-207-1551. Locate benefit registration form and more from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/8513.html" target="_blank">http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/8513.html</a>&nbsp;</p>

Alliance Risk Group, Inc. - Background Checks

<img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/alliance-230x100.tmb-small.png?sfvrsn=4f22c08a_1" data-displaymode="Thumbnail" alt="Alliance Risk Group logo" title="Alliance 230x100 " sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb%3Asmall]085faedd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<p>NYSDA members know the importance of regulatory compliance. Let Alliance Risk Group become your Compliance Expert Partner by providing comprehensive background investigations for your clinical and non-clinical staff.&nbsp; We can help you navigate rules and regulations including Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws to avoid the possibility of litigation in the workplace. Headquartered in New York State, Alliance Risk Group's pre-and post- employment background investigations mitigate risk, eliminate fraud, and provide patient safety.</p>
<p>We recommend an enhanced package that includes Professional License Verification, Consent-Based SSN Verification (CBSV), and Employment/Education Verifications. <br />
<br />
Learn more about the NYSDA discounted background investigation packages and find the solution that fits your needs.<br />
<br />
<a href="https://allianceriskgroup.com/nysda-background-packages/" title="Medium Button" class="button-md" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p>
<p><strong><em><a href="https://allianceriskgroup.com/" target="_blank">Alliance Risk Group</a> inspires confidence by providing Actionable Intelligence, Detailed, Timely Communication and On-Time Performance.</em></strong></p>
<p>Contact Alliance Today! <br />
Email: <a href="mailto:sales@alliancriskgroup.com">sales@allianceriskgroup.com</a><br />
Phone: 800-579-2911</p>

Prosites Practice Websites

<p><img title="prosites202015website" style="float: left;" alt="prosites" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/prosites202015website.jpg?sfvrsn=1bcc8d8b_0" displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]5ab1e3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Grow Your Practice with a Professional Website</p>
<p>Being online means more than just having a great website for your practice. From how your website looks and feels, to helping you improve your rank within search results, ProSites can make your practice&rsquo;s online presence personal, professional, and effective without taking time out of your busy schedule.</p>
<p>Your website includes professional designs, unlimited pages, patient-focused content and videos, online appointment request forms, and so much more. And, with the website editor, you can update the entire look of your site within seconds.</p>
<p>In addition to web design, ProSites helps you manage your entire online marketing presence with a suite of Internet Marketing services ranging from Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Mobile Websites.<br />
<br />
<span class="button-sml"><a href="https://www.nysdental.org/member-center/endorsed-vendors/prosites">Learn More</a></span></p>
<p>As a NYSDA member, you&rsquo;ll save 25% off the initial website set-up.</p>
<p>See why over 6,000 dentists trust ProSites as their online marketing provider, and start your free trial today. Visit <a href="https://www.prosites.com/NYSDA/" target="_blank">prosites.com/nysda</a>&nbsp;or call 888-932-3644.</p>

PracticeMojo -- Patient Communications Program

<p><img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/mojologo-2019.tmb-small.png?sfvrsn=5d520f8a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" alt="Practice Mojo Logo" title="MojoLogo-2019" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:small]182f61dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
PracticeMojo provides high-quality, automated dental reminder and patient communication services to help you set up patient recalls and reminders, offer virtual forms and consults, create marketing campaigns, and more, so your important messages get to patients right when you need them to.&nbsp;<br />
<br />
PracticeMojo helps you:</p>
<ul style="list-style-type: disc;">
    <li>Communicate easily with phone calls, text messages, emails, and postcards</li>
    <li>Offer virtual consults, forms, and appointment booking</li>
    <li>Create an online patient portal</li>
    <li>Build a strong online reputation</li>
    <li>Increase referrals with social media marketing</li>
    <li>Grow your practice with pre-designed marketing campaigns</li>
<p><a href="https://practicemojo.com/" title="Small Button" class="button-sml">Find Out More</a></p>
<p >To find out more, visit the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.prosites.com/nysda/">NYSDA page</a>&nbsp;or call (800) 556-2580 and let them know you&rsquo;re a NYSDA member.</p>

UPS Shipping Services

<img title="upswebsite" style="float: left;" alt="UPS" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/upswebsite.png?sfvrsn=65cf8d8b_0" displaymode="Original" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]30b2e3dc-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
A worldwide leader in shipping services, UPS provides NYSDA members with savings of up to 36% off regular shipping costs. Through the program, members will see competitive rates available on shipping services, more service options, ground delivery coverage and overnight delivery by 10 a.m. In addition, dental practices will have the same driver for express and ground deliveries with convenient drop-off locations. To enroll in the UPS savings program, ask your office manager to call 1-800-MEMBERS or <a href="https://www.adamemberadvantage.com/endorsed-programs/shipping">click here to save</a>. If you&rsquo;re already a UPS customer, have your office manager call to switch your current UPS account to the ADA Member program.

Lands' End Office Apparel

<img title="Logo 2019" alt="Land's End Business Logo" src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/logo-2019.tmb-thumb160.jpg?sfvrsn=e380738a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:thumb160]b2fd1ddd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" />
From scrubs and white coats&nbsp;to logo&rsquo;d staff shirts, promotional products for your practice&nbsp;and more, Lands&rsquo; End Business Outfitters offers products that are favored by dental practices everywhere for their comfort, durability and style. A smart professional appearance can improve employee morale and patient satisfaction. NYSDA members receive an everyday discount of 10% and another 10% off embroidery with no minimums. Browse all the latest styles and colors at&nbsp;<a href="https://business.landsend.com/store/givekidsasmile/" target="_blank">ada.landsend.com</a>&nbsp;or call 800-990-5407.</p>
<h3>Current Promotion:&nbsp;</h3>
<p>Now through November 8 <strong>SAVE 20%</strong> on Jockey Scrubs<br />
<br />
<a href="https://www.nysdental.org/member-center/endorsed-vendors/lands-end" title="Medium Button" class="button-md">View Promotion</a></p>

Advisors Insurance Brokers

<p><img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/aib---logo.tmb-small.png?sfvrsn=47ef0f8a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" alt="AIB - logo" title="AIB - logo" style="float: left;" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:small]0e9261dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
NYSDA has teamed with Advisors Insurance Brokers to protect you, your family and your assets, in case you need Long-Term Care.&nbsp; Endorsed policy benefits can be used either in home, assisted living, or a skilled nursing facility.</p>
This program offers special discounts not available to the general public for:</p>
    <li>Spouses / Domestic Partners</li>
    <li>Adult Children</li>
    <li>Parents / In-laws</li>
<p>And, as part of this special program, you have access to:</p>
    <li>Return of Premium Feature - meaning if the policy is never needed for care, your beneficiary receives a refund of 100% of your premium</li>
    <li>HYBRID policies that combine Life Insurance with Long-Term Care protection</li>
<p>Members also have access to a newer generation of Life Insurance policies that offer Long-Term Care benefits, which will allow beneficiaries to receive a tax-free death benefit if Long-Term Care is never required.</p>
<p>For questions, more information or to schedule an in person, no-obligation and educational consultation, please call (NYLTCB) toll free at&nbsp;<strong>800-695-8224 x.154 or complete this short form <a href="http://nyltcb.com/nysdental/" target="_blank">(http://nyltcb.com/nysdental/)</a></strong></p>
<p><em>This is not an offer of insurance and eligibility is subject to medical underwriting.&nbsp;</em></p>

Altfest Financial Planning and Investment Management

<p style="text-align: left;"><img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/altfest-new-logo.tmb-small.jpg?sfvrsn=1b852e8a_1" displaymode="Thumbnail" alt="Altfest Logo" title="Altfest New Logo" style="float: left; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-right: 20px;" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb:small]5bf840dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /><span style="text-align: left;">Altfest Personal Wealth Management has managed the financial affairs of dentists and their families for over 35 years, with specialties in areas including investments, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, practice management, liability protection and student debt.</span></p>
<p>Altfest is an independent fee-only firm, meaning they do not sell insurance or financial products, and as fiduciaries, are committed to putting their clients' best interests first.</p>
<p>NYSDA Support Services has arranged a discount for NYSDA members - active members receive a 10% discount and retired dentists will receive a 15% discount off the first year&rsquo;s fees.<br />
<br />
<a href="/docs/librariesprovider37/new-york/nysda---financial-planning.pdf?sfvrsn=68f7a88a_2" title="Altfest - Financial Planning for NYSDA Members" target="_blank" sfref="[documents|librariesProvider37]358ac6dd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b">Altfest - Financial Planning for NYSDA Members</a></p>
<p>Learn more at <a href="http://www.altfest.com/dentists">www.altfest.com/dentists</a>. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call (212) 406-0850 or email <a href="mailto:inquiry@altfest.com">inquiry@altfest.com</a>.</p>
<p><strong><a href="https://hubs.ly/H0nczb10" title="Medium Button" class="button-md">Learn More</a></strong></p>

Arthur Gallagher Business, Cyber, Employment Practice Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

<p>NYSDA endorses Gallagher Insurance to offer members insurance risk
management services and programs tailored for the dental industry.<br />
<br />
These programs include:</p>
    <li>Business property and liability</li>
    <li>Workers Compensation*</li>
    <li>Cyber Liability </li>
    <li>Employment Practices Liability</li>
*Workers Compensation offers loss free dividend programs subject to eligibility.&nbsp; For more information, please call Tracy Wronoski at #888-869-3535 ext. 7550<br />
<br />
<h2>Comprehensive Cyber Liability Policy </h2>
Comprehensive Cyber Liability policy to our members with an annual premium of just $500 per dentist.
    <li>First and third Party coverage limit of $1,000,000 including business income coverage</li>
    <li>Full regulatory coverage including HIPAA </li>
    <li>Paper and electronic records are covered</li>
    <li>BCS Insurance Company, A.M. Best Rating A- VIII</li>
    <li>Program common expiration date April 1<sup>st</sup> <br />
    <em>(</em><em>Premium will be pro-rated by day either as a credit or a debit to the annualized premium)</em></li>
<p>A breach of medical records or a ransomware attack on your computer system can cause your dental practice significant financial loss including HIPAA fines, forensics and notification costs as well as restoration of reputation. To apply for coverage and receive a quote, visit <a href="https://NYSDACyber.com">https://NYSDACyber.com</a></p>

Mercedes-Benz: An Exceptional Offer

<p>NYSDA has announced its endorsement of luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. The new program offers ADA/NYSDA members an incentive ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 towards the purchase or&nbsp;lease of a new Mercedes-Benz.</p>
<p>Mercedes-Benz, a worldwide leader in luxury vehicles, offers a wide range of models to satisfy every driving style. Every class of vehicle will be eligible within the program for ADA Members, including the popular C-Class that starts in the affordable mid-30s, to the flagship S-Class luxury sedan, to a fun and eco-friendly Smart Car. SUV models are also included in the program.</p>
<p>The special member incentive can be combined with most other offers advertised in your area.</p>
<p>Mercedes-Benz is the only luxury auto maker endorsed by ADA Business Resources and NYSDA Endorsed Services.</p>
<p>Ready to get started? View the <a href="https://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/index"></a><a href="http://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/index" target="_blank">model list</a>&mdash;and then <a href="https://ebusiness.ada.org/login/login.aspx?URL=/members/7887.aspx"></a><a href="https://ebusiness.ada.org/adabei/ada-mercedes-benz-savings-request-form.aspx">click here</a> to complete the online ADA Mercedes-Benz Savings Request Form. You will need your ADA Member Number (user name) and Password.<br />
<br />
Call 866-628-7232 for details.<br />
<img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/mercedes_landing_page_q1_2023.png?sfvrsn=34f1b58a_0&amp;MaxWidth=&amp;MaxHeight=350&amp;ScaleUp=false&amp;Quality=High&amp;Method=ResizeFitToAreaArguments&amp;Signature=EE2061457E2AF142ED0F23665778B5BD59B3BEB9" data-method="ResizeFitToAreaArguments" data-customsizemethodproperties="{'MaxWidth':'','MaxHeight':'350','ScaleUp':false,'Quality':'High'}" data-displaymode="Custom" alt="Mercedes" title="Mercedes_landing_page_Q1_2023" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]838cdbdd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /></p>

Volvo: An Exclusive Member Offer

Volvo offers NYSDA members $1,000 off the purchase or lease of any vehicle. Committed to becoming a fully electric car company by 2030, Volvo is one of the world&rsquo;s premier automotive brands and a leader in safety and sustainability.&nbsp; To access your discount you must sign up to receive a pin number. Members will need to have their member number handy in order to log in and request a pin number that is then presented to the dealer. Members are allowed two pin numbers per year, as well as three more for family and friends to use.&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="https://www.adamemberadvantage.com/endorsed-programs/sustainable-vehicles">ADA.org/Volvo</a>&nbsp; 800.550.5658&nbsp;<img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/adabei_volvo_1110x700.png?sfvrsn=3f7b58a_0&amp;MaxWidth=&amp;MaxHeight=325&amp;ScaleUp=false&amp;Quality=High&amp;Method=ResizeFitToAreaArguments&amp;Signature=FC6E930E78965D68DBBAFB0146DA739DB1FA6C00" data-displaymode="Custom" alt="Volvo" title="ADABEI_Volvo_1110x700" data-method="ResizeFitToAreaArguments" data-customsizemethodproperties="{'MaxWidth':'','MaxHeight':'325','ScaleUp':false,'Quality':'High'}" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]548adbdd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" />

Dental Supplies from TDSC.com, Powered by Henry Schein

<a href="https://www.nysdental.org/member-center/endorsed-vendors/tdsc"><img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/tscc-com_powered-by-hs_rgb---200x200.tmb-thumb160.jpg?sfvrsn=4c04058a_1" alt="TDSC powered by HS logo" title="tscc-com_Powered by HS_rgb - 200x200" data-displaymode="Thumbnail" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37|tmb%3Athumb160]0b796bdd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" /></a><br />
<br />
<p>TDSC.com, offers independent dentists access to consistent, competitive prices every day and by partnering with State Dental Associations they are able to provide <strong>Very Important Practice (VIP)</strong> pricing exclusive for association members.</p>
<p>Enjoy the benefits of being part of the ADA, NYSDA and your local dental society by exploring what <a href="https://dentalsupplies.tdsc.com/celebratesavings">TDSC.com </a>has to offer: </p>
    <li>Free shipping on orders over $99</li>
    <li>Next-day delivery for most in-stock items* </li>
    <li>Authorized source for trusted brands</li>
    <li>Commitment to organized dentistry </li>
<p>*Exclusions apply. Next-day delivery is provided for over 95% of line items, dependent on inventory levels and time of order placement. Orders may ship from separate locations and may arrive at different times. Please refer to product detail pages for delivery estimates and exclusions.</p>
&nbsp;<a href="https://www.nysdental.org/member-center/endorsed-vendors/tdsc" title="Small Button" class="button-sml">Learn More</a>

Abyde - HIPAA Compliance Program

<img src="/images/librariesprovider37/default-album/abyde-230x100.png?sfvrsn=fbc9c18a_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="Abyde logo with tagline" title="Abyde 230x100" sfref="[images|librariesProvider37]bcb4afdd-b07d-6e0c-8f46-ff0000eea05b" />
<p>The Abyde software solution is the easiest way for any sized dental practice to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. Abyde&rsquo;s revolutionary approach guides practices through mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements such as: Security Risk Analysis; HIPAA training for doctors and staff; Business Associate Agreement portal; Customized policy documentation; and more! <br />
<br />
As a NYSDA member, receive exclusive discounts on your Abyde subscription! Sign-up online at&nbsp;<a href="https://abyde.com/signup/">https://abyde.com/signup/</a>.&nbsp; <br />
<br />
<a href="https://app.abyde.com/demo/selectstate">Book a Demo</a> to see Abyde in action or <a href="https://abyde.com/new-york-dental-association/">learn more</a> about them today!<br />
<br />
Get in touch at 800.594.0883x1 or email us at <a href="mailto:info@abyde.com">info@abyde.com</a>.</p>
<br />